Activity Levels Explained

Here’s a General Guide to our Activity Level ratings, however, please remember that these are just a general guide and if you have any questions or concerns about the demands of any adventure holiday, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss in more detail.

You can filter by Activity Level from the Browse All page.

Relaxed Adventure Holidays

Relaxed Adventure Holiday

This one’s for anyone, no fitness or skill required.


Fairly Easy Adventure Holidays

Fairly Easy Adventure Holiday

Some activity but not strenuous, and no experience or skill required.



Moderate Adventure Holiday

Average fitness required, but OK for most people.



Strenuous Adventure Holiday

Fit enough to carry a backpack for several kilometers.



Challenging Adventure Holiday

You should be relatively fit and active. Expect to push yourself a little at this activity level.



Tough Adventure Holiday

Here’s where all that exercise you do will pay off. You’re fit and have some previous experience.



Extreme Adventure Holiday

This is what you’ve been training for. You’re proficient and are looking to push yourself to the highest level.



Ultimate Adventure Holiday

Finally, you’re ready to push yourself to the highest level you can. As an example, this activity level is for experts ready for an expedition.

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