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How will Brexit affect my holiday?

For those living in the UK there is a cloud of uncertainty looming as Brexit negotiations continue without a clear outcome in sight. Whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal is still unknown, in the meantime you may be wondering what either outcome means for your holiday!

Let’s be clear; whatever happens you will still be able to travel to Europe and there’s no reason to avoid booking your holidays to EU destinations. The Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) has advised that even in a no-deal scenario flights to and from the UK will still be able to operate, according to the European Commission.

You’ll also be pleased to know that even in a no-deal situation it has been proposed by the European Commission that you will not need a visa for shorts stays of up to 90 days out of any 180-day period.

Just to make sure your travel plans won’t be disrupted, here are some simple steps you can take to ensure that whether the UK leaves with or without a deal your holiday is covered.

Check your passport

This should not be anything new as most counties will not allow you to travel if you have less than six months left on your passport. When travelling in the EU after Brexit the UK recommends you have at least six months left on your passport on the date of your arrival at your destination. Check your passport in plenty of time and if you need to renew it you can do so here.

Get health care insurance

As part of the EU, UK citizens have been entitled to the European Health Insurance Card, which covers you for emergency care and treatment for pre-existing medical conditions. If there is no-deal then this cover will no longer apply to UK travellers in the EU. There’s no need to panic though, simply make sure you get yourself travel insurance that covers health care, just like you would if you were travelling to any other country.

Get an International Driving Permit

At the moment you can drive in EU countries using your UK driving licence. If there is a no-deal Brexit you will need to apply for an International Driving Permit. If your holiday is already booked and you intend to drive then you should definitely get one of these now, whatever the outcome they are just £5.50 and you can get them from your local Post Office. All you’ll need is your full valid UK photo driving licence and a passport standard photograph (if you still have a paper licence you will need your passport too as proof of ID). You can find out more about driving permits and where to get them on the Post Office website.

So there you have it, there is no reason you can’t still book your holiday to an EU country and if you have one booked already just make sure the above pointers are done so your holiday plans aren’t disrupted. For more advice on Brexit and how it might affect your holiday including travelling with pets, take a look at the Association of British Travel Agents website.

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