Micayla Gatto, Artist & Mountain Biker

Micayla Gatto

Just watched this with my morning coffee and it’s got me in a great mood.


We should all try many different things and follow where we find a passion. Usually we find that not only CAN we manage more than one passion, they fuel each other and make us better at the other.


Here’s the blurb from the video:

“Mountain biker and artist Micayla Gatto rides in and out of her own painted landscapes in “Intersection” project.
In athletic endeavors, there are often underlying attributes that provide a foundation for talent. Mental and physical strength are the obvious pillars, but there are other forces at work which help to build an individual athlete’s style in their sport. For Micayla Gatto, a Canadian professional mountain biker, artistic creativity is the key that unlocks her unique approach to riding.”

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