NEW: Burma Adventure by Bike

We’ve just added this amazing new cycle tour to our collection. An amazing opportunity to ride Burma in a small group, with the freedom to ride at your own pace, exploring this beautiful region. An adventure tour that we highly recommend to couples or solo travelers who like to see the countryside up close and personal.

Burma Adventure by Bike is also a great opportunity to visit a country, that for so long was relatively isolated from the outside world. A chance to meet the locals and share with them your own culture and views of the world.

We love Burma and/or Myanmar, whichever name you prefer. Friendly people, great food and amazing countryside, beaches and Sea to explore.

Burma Adventure by Bike, 14 Days, Cycling Myanmar

Of course, we are saddened by the political history, particularly the recent history of this nation. However, we feel that tourism is not an endorsement of any political culture. Travel is instead an opportunity to share cultural perspectives. An opportunity to share your own views. An opportunity to nurture positive change.

We know that the best impact is made on a very personal level. Through personal experience. This is true not only of the guest in a new land but for the locals also.