Paradigm Lost – A Surf Film by Kai Lenny | Official 4K Trailer

Some people are simply at-home in the water; Kai Lenny is definitely one of those people. It’s always a pleasure to watch these people (even better to be with them) in the water, as they’re never fighting the elements but instead they’re drawing and using the power and force. This creates that great dynamic when a person can really charge, fly surge with the speed and force of nature.

This is a great little trailer. Turn the volume up to 11 and enjoy.

Paradigm Lost

A Surf Film by Kai Lenny: Watch on on 02.10.2017 for one week only! What defines a surfer? Is it the art of wave riding or the equipment you ride? For Kai Lenny, the ocean is a playground and the only rule is to have fun. In Paradigm Lost, Kai shares incredible sessions with World Champions in BIG WAVE, PROGRESSIVE SURFING, KITE SURFING, WINDSURFING and SUP—and shows the endless possibilities that come with a wide open mind. Kai also introduces the world’s best pro surfers to a new chapter in surfing with one of the most exciting developments in years – the SURF FOIL. Filmed over three years, in six countries, Paradigm Lost captures the highest level of water sports action in beautiful 4K. In between the action are heartfelt stories of the characters at the top of their sports.

Cast & Crew: Kai Lenny, Albee Layer, Jamie O’Brien, Levi Siver, John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Airton Cozzolino, Marcilio Browne, Kalani Chapman, Ryan Hipwood, Julian Wilson, Ridge Lenny, Matt Meola, Ian Walsh, Dusty Payne, Greg Long, Robby Naish, Laird Hamilton, Victor Lopez, Clyde Aikau, Dave Kalama


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