Sustainable Travel – Reducing Plastic Waste

Reducing Plastic Waste

At ACTION CULTURE we’re committed to sustainable travel. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with GRAYL to help eliminate single-use plastic bottles and help in reducing plastic waste.

You may have already started to use your own reusable bottle at home, on the go & in the office. But we all know that it’s more difficult when you travel to remote areas where you can’t easily refill your bottle with fresh, clean drinking water. In these situations, it’s more common for people to buy or be provided with bottled water.

Now thanks to the GRAYL water purification system, it’s possible for you to refill your GRAYL water bottle anywhere in the world & have fresh clean drinking water on the go, without creating any more plastic waste.

Everybody who books tours with ACTION CULTURE will receive a 20% lifetime discount on all GRAYL water purification bottles & products.

Sustainable Travel