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Ryno – Learn To Surf Package

The place is unreal, a true untouched slice of paradise! I was looking for a laid back spot to just chill and catch perfect waves and this place did not disappoint! The staff was so friendly and welcoming and the food was next level good! I highly recommend this spot for anyone looking to surf quality waves with no one out. Bring Tequila and get one in you!

Ben – Morocco Surf Trip

“Hey Abs! Thx again for an amazing trip! On the journey home we just had so much appreciation thinking back about our trip to the desert- so many fun moments and stuff I will be laughing about for a long time!  Thx again to Nordine for all the great food, Rashid for the music and to you for all your hard work in making our trip happen. Give LuLu a…

Daniel M. – Punta Miramar Surf Camp

Best Week of My Life This place is an absolute slice of paradise. GREAT waves, GREAT weather, GREAT food, and great people. Greg and Kayla go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met and exceeded. My room was cleaned every day with fresh sheets and pillowcases. Overall this surf camp is unrivaled. I surfed until I couldn’t paddle anymore, and took (Free) boat rides to different…

Stacy – Punta Miramar Surf Tour

"This was the best week of my life" Came to Punta Miramar Surf Camp, Nicaragua alone and had the best week of my life. I surfed the point out front for hours at a time with 2 people out, sharing waves the whole session. Food was amazing, music at night, pool tournament, and a lot of much needed hammock time with a book. If you are looking for a mellow…